New Co-Leader John / NO AWP / GOG GO #1 fixed

please add John in Steam
    1 week ago     INSPI     1
John wurde heute zum neuen Co-Leader ernannt. Wir haben jetzt insgesamt 3 Co-Leader: Jones, John und Inspi. Er wird uns mit der Serverwartung helfen, zumal wir einige Projekte ins Auge gefasst haben, die viel Arbeit machen werden. Worum es genau geht, werden wir zu gegebener Zeit bekanntgeben.
Aufgrund von vielen Beschwerden haben wir zu Testzwecken die AWP auf GoG #9 und GoG GO#8 vorerst bis zum 01.12.19 restricted.
GoG GO #1 wurde vollständig gefixed!

Today on the management meeting we've discussed the current Co-leader situation in the clan.
John will help us with server maintenance. We have 3 Co-leaders now: Jones, John and Inspi.
AWP is temporarily restricted on GoG# 9 and GoG GO#8 until 01.12.19. In the first instance, this is only for test purposes!
GoG GO #1 is fixed now!



GoG will shut down a few of its servers!
    2 years ago     Miss ღ Vivi ღ | Kiwi     5
Update 18.07.2018: Every game server is now switched to a new root server. We now have 8 servers remaining: 3x CS:S server and 5x CS:GO server. Every other server went offline.
In the past months/years we've recorded a decrease of playernumbers on our servers and also a decrease of donations.
That means GoG has too many costs for no real utility. In view of that fact we will shut down a few of our servers to minimize the costs.

The only servers which will stay are probably:
CSS: Deagle (#1), Poolparty (#9)
CSGO: Deagle (#1), AWP (#3), Poolparty (#8), Multi-Arena (#10)

These servers are the servers with the most people playing on.

The contract runs out in 6 months so until then all other servers will be gone.


GoG is celebrating its 7-year-old existence!

GoG is 7 years old // Double rank-points & no loss of rank-points
    2 years ago     Miss ღ Vivi ღ | Kiwi     1
The Gamers of Germany (GoG) clan is celebrating it's 7th birthday!
During this time we invested much work, money and time in the clan.
As a little thank you, for keeping your faith to GoG, you will get double rank points on every server. Moreover you will not lose any points (e.g. for dying).
This event lasts from 03.10.2017 until 10.10.2017 00:00 o'clock.

Furthermore all members get - 20 points in our pointsystem!

Have fun!

P.S. We will be glad about some donations :)

GoG Clan

Temporary donation function

the old function will be back very soon
    3 years ago     GoG |Nitro     1
Because of a request I'm posting the details on how you can donate to us until we make the donation functionality back available. You can use the button on top of this article to donate. We're hoping to make the old donation function back available very soon.

Donate function is now available

~GoG Management


Donate to help us keep our servers online

30,00 € / 50,00 €

Progress: 60%

We currently only support PayPal for donations.
If you want to support us using another service, feel free to contact us any time on


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