GoG Update
Gamers of Germany community news

GoG Update

Gamers of Germany community news
Just a little update about what we have been up to the past few weeks, as it is maybe the most important news since we started GoG and our servers.

The decision has finally been made to close down the clan and reform it into a community. That is rather positive, as we didn't really function as clan for years, and lots of incoming community and server updates are coming your way!

Among these are:
- inactive servers will close down and the remaining ones will be fitted to our players needs.
- we are opening a brand new server in CS:GO (more on this later).
- we have made an alliance with the BlackBird community to reach out to more players world wide
- all servers are going to have dedicated head admins, who are also active players on their servers. This will result in better admin management and it allows us to react to community requests faster
- we are setting up a Discord server to fulfill the needs of our community
- the community will have a role-based management, so we can distribute the work load and achieve more things faster.

This of course means huge amounts of work for us to be done with, so don't expect all these things to be done by tomorrow :D
More updates are coming shortly...

GoG Community Management


5 years ago

we are glad, that you are interested in our servers. We are open to suggestions on how we should maintain that server in the future. We can update it a bit and leave it for a test run.

5 years ago

Yo, love that you investing in the community, but since a long time fan of the #5 Awp rpg server, i ask you dont kill it, it has been inactive for some time, the server has died out so to say. But maybe with some effort it can be a server again. Would be unfortunate to loose such a great server.

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