Clan Rules

Updated: 31.05.2017 19:40
§1. Cheating, scripting, spamming and flooding is strongly prohibited! VAC/SMAC ban will result in a clan kick!

§2. All Members must own a Headset and must be online on the Teamspeak Server if Steam games are being played (any multiplayer Steam game)!

§3. Longer inactivity than a week should be reported to a Leader / Co-Leader via chat or forum! (No exceptions!)
  • §3.1 Maximum inactive time is 3 months, after that, the member may be kicked out of the clan. (exception: Veteran Members, Co-leaders, Leaders)

§4. The Clanmeetings are compulsory for every member.
  • §4.1 For whatever reason a member may not attend to the clanmeeting, then the clanmeeting log (found in the meetings section) has to be read!
  • §4.2 Every member has to vote for the clanmeeting! (exception: inactive members, Veteran Members, Co-leaders, Leaders)
  • §4.3 If a member didn't visit the clanmeeting for 4 months, he/she will then be expelled from the clan. (No exceptions!)

§5. Every full member has to wear the "GoG |" tag. (can also be used as a name)
  • §5.1 Every trial member has to wear the "GoG [T]|" tag. (can also be used as a name)

§6. Breaking the clan/server rules or insulting is strongly prohibited and will result in point loss!

§7. The members are NOT allowed to accept any player into the clan.

§8. The minimum age for admission to the clan is 18 years. (Exception: upon consultation)

§9. Multiclaning is NOT allowed and will result in a clan kick and a server ban!

§10. The main communication platform is
  • §10.1 The homepage should be visited daily (As a logged in user!).
  • §10.2 The intern forum section has to be read! (No exceptions!)

§11. Creating fake GoG Groups is strongly prohibited and will result in a clan kick!

§12. Each member of the GoG clan should represent the clan well, and has to follow the rules on other servers.

§13. Giving the rcon_password to anyone is strongly prohibited and will result in a clan kick and a ban from every server!

§14. Respect every member/admin. Remember, what you give is what you get back.

§15. Only the Leaders have the right to change or add any rule. Co-Leaders may also change/add rules upon consultation.

Admin Rules

Updated: 04.10.2018 13:31
§1. Admin Abuse is NOT allowed of any kind and will result in a point loss or the loss of the admin rights!

§2. Every rule breaker has to be warned before taking any admin action (Even multiple times). Kicking/banning immediately is strongly prohibited! (exception: cheaters, offensive behaviour)

§3. The ban/mute times have to represent the strength of the rule break! The number of previous bans/mutes (only bans/mutes that exceed 10 minutes!) can be considered upon banning/muting. Cheater bans should always be permanent!

§4. When 2 admins are on the same server, the admin with the higher rank decides! If both admins have the same rank, they must talk to each other about every admin action. Lower ranked admins are still able to slay.
Ranking: Leaders, Co-leaders, Veteran Members, Members, Mini Admins

§5. Its strongly prohibited to insult/flame or otherwise break any admin/member/server rule!

§6. The admin menu should not be used for playing! (Exception: Leaders, Co-leaders)

§7. You can only take an admin action if you are 100% sure what happened.

§8. You always have to prove your ban! Banning without reason will result in the loss of your rights! (Exception: Leaders, Co-leaders)
  • §8.1 Only the Leaders/Co-leaders can give the right to ban without a proof.

§9. When an admin spots a cheater, a demo must be taken before banning. The demo must, then be uploaded on the sourcebans ( site! (Exception: Leaders, Co-Leaders, SMAC itself)

§10. The admins must add to every their ban a comment or a demo! (Custom reason can also be used as a comment! Only necessary if the ban exceeds 10 minutes.)

§11. No bans for music spam, mic spam or chat spam! (Exception: Leaders, Co-leaders)
  • §11.1 No bans/mutes with the reason "player is under 16" or "kiddy voice"!

§12. Bans/mutes may only be removed by the ban/mute "owner"! (Exception: Leaders, Co-Leaders)
  • §12.1 That also applies to temporary unmutes. (Exception: Permission from the Admin that issued the mute)

§13. Only the Leaders/Co-leaders can decide whether a ban/mute stays or not!

§14. Banning, kicking, muting or any other admin action except slay is prohibited against clanmembers, miniadmins and partnerclan members! (Exception: Leader, Co-leader)

§15. Breaking the clan/server rules or insulting is strongly prohibited and will result in point loss, complete loss of your admin rights or clan kick!

§16. Only the Leaders have the right to change or add any rule. Co-Leaders may also change/add rules upon consultation.

§17. The admins have to answer on their unban requests and abuse reports.

§18. Players, who are currently banned and playing on the server with another account, may not be banned without breaking the rules again. (Exeptions: in case of cheaters it's allowed and in case of non-cheaters only in consultation with the Clan Management)

§19. For normal admins it's not allowed to ban full Steam groups. If you want to get a Steam group banned, ask a Coleader or Leader.

§20. The admins have no right to change the server rules!

§21. All admins (even Mini Admins) have to add the Clan Management (Leaders and Coleaders) in Steam.

TeamSpeak Rules

Updated: 21.01.2017 20:47
§1. It is allowed to have at most 4 Fun Groups. The other Groups (Admin, Clan and Stammi) don't count for this.

§2. Only set a Fun Group on someone upon request.

§3. You can set the group "Friend" to people, who are often on our TS.

Clanmeeting Rules

Updated: 21.01.2017 20:50
§1. No chat spams.

§2. No talking between when someone has something to say, NO EXCUSES!

§3. Who can not come to the clanmeeting, he has to check out of the clanmeeting on the website.

§4. Punctuality that means everyone should punctualy present himself on the clanmeeting. The start of the clanmeeting should be enquired from the homepage!

§5. During the clanmeeting non of the members should play.

§6. It should also be given the full concentration on the clanmeeting.

Not abiding by these rules will result in point loss!


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