Temporary donation function

the old function will be back very soon
    8 years ago     GoG |Nitro     1
Because of a request I'm posting the details on how you can donate to us until we make the donation functionality back available. You can use the button on top of this article to donate. We're hoping to make the old donation function back available very soon.

Donate function is now available

~GoG Management

New homepage online!

New system, new design, new start
    8 years ago     GoG |ShadoW     0
The new homepage has been released!

I have been working on this project since January 2015, and finally, I came to the end of the first open version. Compared to the old website, the new one is approx. 1000% faster. There are a lot of new functions, but many functions are still yet to come. The biggest improvement is the forum, that has been updated with lots of new functions, like subcategories, forum subscriptions and a lot more... The design has also been replaced by a modern, resposive design.

Since this website has only been tested internaly, there may be bugs here and there. If you find one, please report it in the forum. It will be apprecitated.

And one last thing...
Happy new year x)

Special thanks to: Fighter, Prefix, Vivi and everyone, who tested along.

- Balint 'ShadoW' B.

GoG wishes merry christmas and a happy new year

Double rank points on every server!
    8 years ago     GoG |Nitro     0

The GoG clan wishes you a peaceful and restful christmas and a good start to a successful new year 2017!

As a little Christmas surprise, we double the rank points and remove the point loss on every server from 24.12.2015 until 08.01.2016.

We hope that you'll take advantage of the surprise and you'll have enough time to play on our servers =)

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D

~Your GoG Team

Sourcemod update to version 1.7.3

new RPG upgrades and other functions
    8 years ago     GoG |Nitro     0
In the last couple of days i updated all gameservers. At first i updated sourcemod on every server. The main reason of the sourcemod update is to make sure, that the addon does not violate valve's guidelines (Link). You find a list with the changes and new functions below.


Server Plugins:

#1: autoobserve: (servers: any except bhop, bhop skill and trikz)
-added csgo support
-added color support
-change "get engine" to new syntax
-updated translation file
-minor fixes

#2: smrpg: (servers: css awp rpg, csgo awp rpg, csgo surf rpg)

-updated to the latest version
-added new upgrade "Reduced Fall Damage" (every level reduces the dmg by 20%)
-added new upgrade "Armor Helmet" (every level give you 20% higher chance to get it on spawn)

#3: cssdm: (servers: csgo aim_ag, csgo iceworld, csgo surf rpg)

-added m4a1-s
-added usp-s

If you find any bugs please report it immediately in our forums!

~ GoG Management


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We currently only support PayPal for donations.
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