voteban for invalid reason

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voteban for invalid reason 1 year ago by Rzhevsky-Raevsky 11 52
Rzhevsky-Raevsky User  •  Rookie  •  Posts: 13
Some people voted ban against me for ping.

Once the admin came to the server and said that the ping is not the reason for the ban, and issued a warning to those who tried to vote me for the ban. It happened again today. They prevent me from playing every time

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Pünktchen Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1165
the player, Taucher@vernaschtMilfsamHerd!, is talking about, that you used his steam-profile picture as a spray, with insults. if this is true you also receive a ban.

@malmonar, you were at the server? can you proof this?

pls use our template next time.
with a working steam-id checking things out is a lot easier.
also the player Taucher@vernaschtMilfsamHerd! received a one week ban for voteban abuse and insults.
i will check out the other players later or you just send me the steam-id´s

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