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fewer players 9 months ago by Garder Godtmark 5 44
Garder Godtmark User  •  Newbie  •  Posts: 4
this is only an idea, but since many people face this problem i might just add it to your thoughts.

when the server is full i tend to loose around 200 fps when i play i dont have this problem in 24 slot dm servers but only in this one, so if anyone else sees this as a problem i guess we could take it up maybe 16 or 14 i dont know but to many players in one small map is just meh and people tend to camp more and hide.


Papa Tofty

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Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1064
we will discuss about that when the owners get the next bill for the servers.
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Ronin Server Admin  •  Expert  •  Posts: 170
GoG |ShadoWIf we do that, we need to remove one server to avoid performance issues.

i think there is a server or two that stands unused :-)
but it could really be cool with bouth of these suggestions
GoG |ShadoW Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 217
If we do that, we need to remove one server to avoid performance issues.
Ronin Server Admin  •  Expert  •  Posts: 170
i like the idea, i think that 24 man is too much in general, 16 players is what most maps is made for aswell

but there's some complications in this i can imagine, maybe @Shadow can clearify ? 

@Less, making a new server is gonna be very complicated, as many of our plugins etc is selfwritten by Nitro and Shadow and wont fit right in, but i really like this idea aswell :-D
less Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 33
It would definitely be better if the slots were lower, many times you can see that the server starts lagging on full slots. Why not turn one of the dead servers into a low player deagle server?

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