Gog #1 Deagle hs Map making ( chance of getting a 20$ steam gift card )

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Gog #1 Deagle hs Map making ( chance of getting a 20$ steam gift card ) 1 year ago by Ronin 4 30
Ronin Server Admin  •  Expert  •  Posts: 170
Do we have anybody in this community experienced with the hammer source tool that can create some decent deagle maps ?
the maps we got on the server could use a update, but none on the workshop is either big or good enough for our server, ill give a 20$ steam gift card for anyone that can provide us with a updated map pool ( have to get accepted by the administration )  also, this have to be tagged with the Gog logo

the maps i personally think should be replaced is aim_deagle_go, Simpsons and aim_deagle_ace ( please provide opinions on this ) 

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Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1064
spare your 20 bucks.
you could find someone who makes hundreds of great maps but as long nitro isn´t interessted in new maps on the server, there won´t be new maps.

it´s a nice idea but forget it. nitro is a kind of person you have to poke everyday to get something done and then you still have to wait three months until he is really doing something. it´s sad but it´s the truth. so spare your money
less Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 33
Surely there are many things to discuss about on how, what etc..

If we don't have a mapper here, could try finding one on https://old.reddit.com/r/csmapmakers/
Ronin Server Admin  •  Expert  •  Posts: 170
_go is just unpopular, the server dries out when it swaps to that ( ppl dont seem to think before voting ) 
_ace is just a worse version of Nav72, which really is poorly made
_simpsons is just a horrible map, too much of the map is a highground and the "ladder" is headglitching

but yes, many ppl dont fancy non 7k layout maps, but that is just a matter of habit, they will eventually get used to other maps with a good layout

having maps such as hangar would be fun, but what if the server fills up during the map, it will be a clusterfuck just as it used to be, so not sure how this could work

so i were hoping on just getting something brand new, something fit for 24 players, aswell as 5 
less Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 33
Don't think that there is much wrong with having _ace, on the other hand with _go's surface it has too many unevenness ground and _simpsons has horrid textures but they could be decent maps after some improvements. Most likely people have the habbit of disliking anything that doesn't resemble the usual layout. (Including me)

It is appreciated having a bit more choice on maps, might want to suggest(if possible) that it is eligble to vote for smaller maps based on low player count. Personally liked having _hangar.

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