1 week ban

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1 week ban 2 years ago by toQig 2 31
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..For calling admin trash :D lul

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rgb you have been playing a long time on the server, and in all that time i haven't been disrespectful once, and i know that you know that i'm a admin. You keep calling me a cheater, and in the start i just said "yea ofc", and obv. im not since. You did keep pushing the edge, with calling me cheater several time more. And then you started calling me trash, and were very provocative. I asked you "what did you say" and u said "you hurt me", then you said "what will you do? ban me?" i answered "yes i could" and then again you were very provocative with saying "then do it, ban me".. and honestly i think the ban is in its order, the only thing though is that i only have limit on my choices, and i thought that 1 day ban wasnt enough. if i had a free option, i would have gone for 2-3 days but again i could choose 1 day or a week. I know a one week is mby a little long for this, but i think this could mby let u think a little bit of your behaviour.

Kind regards

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