request for unmute debe

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request for unmute debe 1 year ago by Fyzz 3 27
Fyzz User  •  Rookie  •  Posts: 7
Hello dear admins!
I've got a bug and other players report it too :)
For almost half of a year we can't hear deBe!!
I know he can be toxic and personaly me, I hate him so much, but we miss his ugly voice and stupid jokes
Could you be so kind to unmute him
I think whatever is said 1/2 of a year is a fair punishment already
Maybe other guys will vouch for that too
Truely yours, Fyzz

edit: moved thread and edited title. this is not a "bug" and you know that. please use the right forum threads

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Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1064

ok, i have enough. your mute and gag list is very long and you still don´t learn it. you are still insulting other people and now you have abused the votban system, to spam the chat to ban a player without a reason. you are now perm silenced.

this is why i have silenced him. he has multiple mutes/gags/silences from other admins too.
he was toxic and insulting in the chat. when he started a "raid" in the chat to ban multiple players on the server via the voteban system, without a reason, i had enough.

he will stay silenced.
GreenLion Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 224
First of all, how is this a bug?
You are referring to this player (deBe, STEAM_0:0:105267941), right? He got silenced permanently and that silence was passed on 01.11.2018. That would be 1/4th of a year ago, not a half. Maybe you are referring to some other person, though.
Lepi Waiting for assignment  •  Expert  •  Posts: 126
Bit Harsh for perma mute, maybe give him last chance...if he made 1 mistake ban,mute gag him perma...

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