My Ban is now almost 3 years ago (GO Deagle Only Server)

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My Ban is now almost 3 years ago (GO Deagle Only Server) 9 months ago by ButterflyyGod 2 21
ButterflyyGod User  •  Newbie  •  Posts: 2
I've recently seen a server of yours again and remember good times on it. Sadly, I'm still banned from all that time ago.

Name: "TheNexusAce aka Deagle God" / "Butterflyy" back then
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:221197762
Admin, who banned: "Stephko"
Ban reason: "Cheats | Hacks | Scripts"
Sourcebans link:

I ask for another Chance. I know i fucked up back then.
Would love to play on your servers again, without any kind of cheating/toxicity/bad behaviour, being a good member, giving a good time.

Thanks in Advance,

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Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1080
i am sorry to say that, but cheaters won´t get unbanned.
and no, you won´t get a special treatment from us. there were many others before you, who cheater and also didn´t got unbanned.
ButterflyyGod User  •  Newbie  •  Posts: 2
Edit: I was banned on another account too, forgot to mention that, but this here is my Main Account now so I only ask for an unban on this one. Thank you!

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