Poolparty cheater XVII?

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Poolparty cheater XVII? 3 years ago by Marionaise 3 39
Marionaise Server Admin  •  Rookie  •  Posts: 16
i was playing on poolparty server, someone was very suspecious. was bunnyhopping the whole time without any failure, givin 360 noscopes after hoppin,  multiple times.
flicking inscope directly to the body to positions, he cant see inscope.

would be nice when someone take a look


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Pünktchen Waiting for assignment  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1229
Ich denke nicht, da der Thread-Ersteller nach wie vor keine ID gepostet und sich auch sonst nicht irgendwie nochmal gemeldet hat.

Falls sich jemand doch mal die Demo anschauen will (vorausgesetzt der Link funktioniert noch):

Ich hoffe es handelt sich hierbei um die richtige STEAM-ID.

Malmonar Waiting for assignment  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 479
Is this still relevant?
Pünktchen Waiting for assignment  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1229
hello, some of us don´t have css installed, so we can´t check the player via name (in the demo)

can you please post us his SteamID?

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