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Wallhack 3 years ago by Rzhevsky-Raevsky 3 22
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All other players also agree with his foul play (the demo shows that they tried to ban him)

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Pünktchen Waiting for assignment  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1223
to create a demo in cs:s, just type "record (name)" into the console.

we don´t need gameplay demos of your playstyle.
if you want to record a player, switch to specator and start recording.

if you think you got enough material, type stop into the console.
this will stop the recording. you will find then the .dem file in your css folder.

i will close this thread now. if you have a working demo, you can create a new thread. and please use our template. just click on johns link and copy-paste the template into your new thread.
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Even if it was a demo file I can't see any super obvious shots.

To see through hackers eyes we need a .dem file to enable x-ray vision to see what he sees.

and again, use this
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Could you provide the actual CS:S demo file pls? We can't ban someone without that file. Also even if this would be a demo 32 seconds are not enough to make a decision, unless it's a rage hack.

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