Poolparty Wallhacker

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Poolparty Wallhacker 1 year ago by <= tries no mouse acceleration 3 18
<= tries no mouse acceleration User  •  Rookie  •  Posts: 9
Here's the demo of a poolparty wallhacker
Have  a nice day
im low

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Malmonar Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 431
Thanks for reviewing Lion!

GreenLion Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 274
Thanks for your report, player has been banned for wallhacking. Please use our template the next time you make a report

Edit for Jones: Steam id is STEAM_0:1:39028177
Pünktchen Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1155
i don´t have css installed so i can´t watch the demo.
could you please post his steam_id so at least i can check his account?
so i can check if he already got banned by smac or maybe i could find more accounts connected to him

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