Poolparty Aimbot/Script/Wallhack player

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Poolparty Aimbot/Script/Wallhack player 1 year ago by <= tries no mouse acceleration 3 16
<= tries no mouse acceleration User  •  Rookie  •  Posts: 9
Here's the demo of a poolparty cheater, u will see he doesnt care and uses all the cheats that exist on earth to make us have a bad day
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im low

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Malmonar Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 431
Thanks for reviewing Lion!

GreenLion Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 274
He hits 95% of his noscopes (didn't know such a cheat even exists), when he aims you can see his aimbot and to top it all off he is a racist. Banned
John' Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 264
Can you show a specific Tik?

I watched it halfway through and this guy is just trolling and sometimes hitting a no scope in bhop.

I wouldn't consider this as rage hack, maybe a more active CSS Admin got a diff Opinion on this.

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