Kicked for a wierd reason.

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Kicked for a wierd reason. 3 years ago by sqweekie toy 1 19
sqweekie toy User  •  Newbie  •  Posts: 1
i was playing for like 10 mins and wasnt even playing that good when i got kicked with no warning when i came back he said i know your cheating if you do it again you will be banned. when i wasnt. didnt want to fight about it to not get banned so i said ok. not realy abuse i guess he was just wrong but it gets me scared to play with him because i feel like he will at any second ban me. his name is gandalf. look into it. and i suggest getting the admins a program that shows whos hacking. they exist. 

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Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1064
you can write a complain when you got banned and think this ban is not right or he is really abusing his admin rights like perma kicking/slaying or muting/silencing for no reason. if you are cheating or he thinks that you are cheating he has to upload a demo then. if you are not cheating on the demo you will get unbanned, so please don't waste our time just for a single kick.

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