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Muted and Gagged 3 years ago by mou 2 21
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I was playing on a GoG 1v1 server for roughly 90 minutes when an admin by the name of "GoG|JPâ™  rageModeâ„¢" joins the server. I beat him just about every time we are against each other, then when I begin to make noises in chat over roughly a 30 second period (speaking times were less than 5 seconds and not obnoxiously loud) I am muted for 1 hour by this admin. 

I then point out in the chat that the admin has muted me for the express reason that he was angry he could not beat me and get to arena 1 (I was fighting him in arena 2/3 every time). After posting one message saying this he then kicks me, this original message contained no profanity/insults and so I was taken aback.

I then join back into the server and type messages in chat to the effect of "GoG|JPâ™  rageModeâ„¢ kicked me because he cannot beat me". These messages may have contained profanity but I did not post an excessive number of messages (5 messages at most with less than 10 words in each over about a minute). I was then gagged by the admin for a week ( an excessive amount considering the small number of messages). 

This admin is clearly using his power to take his anger out on those he cannot best in a competition of skill, this is irresponsible and frankly immature and is not to be expected from someone appointed to improve the experience for the players of GoG servers.

The readiness to take such action without any warnings and the magnitude of the punishments (1hr and 1wk) is completely irrational and is a disproportionate response spawned by anger.

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rip mate.

next time u should stop voice spamming if i warn you.
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I'd also like to point out "GoG|JPâ™  rageModeâ„¢" gave out 4 mutes totalling 1wk and 3hrs in the span of 7minutes.

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