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Apply for admin GoG GO 1 1 month ago by Jaᶜki⇝ 2 31
Jaᶜki⇝ Waiting for assignment  •  Newbie  •  Posts: 5
So my name is Jacki, i have been playing on gog's deagle server for well over 2 years now, almost all my hours are spend on the deagle server only.
I am active a lot and therefore sadly know that a lot of the time there are rulebreakers (mostly campers) and it's not always easy to get an admin online especially not at later times on the week days, i would therefore like to apply for admin.
About me:
My name is Jacki Hjelm Schuster
I'm 20 years old and i have become friends with a few admins at this poin, and also other old players of the server.
I play actively almost everyday and therefore i think i would be a good addition to the team.
I am from Denmark but i can speak english without a problem.
I am almost always online from 15-04 and usually plays on the deagle server when theres any activity.

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John' Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 261
Yes chat log looks good, more than enough playtime. 

I would like to have a small talk with you on team speak, pls add me and text me, so we can schedule a talk :)
Ronin Server Admin  •  Elite  •  Posts: 214
ive spoke to Jacki many times, real nice and chill guy and defiently the kind of person that would be a good addition to the server, currently we have huge problems with ppl not following the rules and jacki could help out a ton on that 

yes from me

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