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Member Application DEV 1 year ago by dev 8 55
dev Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 24


My name is Lorenzo also known as Dev. Some off you might know me some off
you might not. I am 19 Years old and live in Belgium. I work and do boxing as sport after work and play csgo.
Today i wanted to apply for Member on the Community.
 I've been playing on the server for around 2 Years.
I am Currently an Mini Admin on the CSGO Deagle server.
And felt that i wanted to become a full member off the community.

Thanks for reading.

Regards dev.

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INSPI Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 188
Stimmt! guter Einwand; er hat jetzt noch nicht angenommen. Ggf löst sich das dann von selber.


Edit: daran hats gelegen, danke John!

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John' Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 196
lad ihn in die Steamgruppe ein dann hat er automatisch rechte oder ?
INSPI Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 188
Hab mit Dev kurz gesprochen.

Der alte Sourcebans account ist reaktiviert. Die Hp hat ihn jetzt als Miniadmin aktualisiert. Bei Sourcebans ist er aber in der Membergroup. Mir fehlen wahrscheinlich die Rechte, um Member auf der HP zu vergeben. Bitte rüberschauen und ggf korrigieren.

Thread kann dann gerne geschlossen werden
dev Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 24

No problem i didn't know you guys were in the middle of Exams or Tests.
I understand that you don't have that much time right now.
Good luck with the Exams/Tests!

Jones Co-Founder  •  Administrator  •  Posts: 1064
1. er war schon mal für eine lange zeit admin bei uns.
2. er ist nicht der erste der sich nach einer mini-admin bewerbung dazu entschieden hat gleich daraufhin member zu werden.
3. eine member-bewerbung steht immer für sich allein. man kann sich auch bei uns als member bewerben auch wenn man nichts mit css und/oder cs go zu tun hat und einfach nur in einer community sein will.

in english and short for you dev.
you are accepted. but you have to wait for a bit because inspi and i don´t have much time right now.
Malmonar Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 336
Hey Dev,

I did not mean that it is a problem. I just feel that it would be better if we took our time here.
Lets hear additional opinions from other members/veteran members/co-leaders.

dev Friend  •  Trainee  •  Posts: 24
Hey Malmonar,

I get your point, But i thought that i should do it at the same time.
Not sure if its the right decision but i don't see a problem with applying As member after my mini admin got accepted.

Malmonar Community manager  •  Moderator  •  Posts: 336
Hi Dev,

thanks for the Member application. In my opinion, the decision on this application needs to be made at a later point - we just recently accepted you as a mini admin again after a period of inactivity. What about this: Reapply after 2 months of being a mini-admin?

Best regards

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