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Hey ho, 

I write this in English that everybody can read it ( my english is not the best ) . 

The most of u guys know me so i think dont need to write my Name, Age etc..

So i want long time ago to be a Member of this Clan i was talking before with Kathi and now with Jones. 

Im really interested on this Point, to have the Clan tag, and have more rights on the Server to act better against Cheater,Spammer ( Rulebreaker ). 
I know that im not so long Time here like other Players but i think for this Time im the most aktiv Admin on the Deagle Server with, Adebisi,Stephko,Face.. co 

I will like all the Time give my best and give for guys on our Server the best Game feeling, and hold the Server clean for issue. 

I know this is not the best application on English :D but its a honor for me to be a bigger part of this Community. 

Greets RiiNO

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angenommen. du artikulierst dich in zukunft aber in deiner muttersprache... bitte

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