Worried little Papa Bless

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Worried little Papa Bless 9 months ago by Garder Godtmark 2 23
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it has come to my attention that the rise off braindead cheaters in the server and was wondering if anything is being done, ive seen the lack off admin activity and the server isnt even prime, i really hope it isnt in the owners best interest to get known as a cheating hub cus they wont do anything about it, cus in my working weeks when i get home at just wanna play some deagle this is actualy the only server that has players i used to play on nvision's server but since the owners just didn care it died quickly. 

hope something is being done as fast as possible and it might give dirty/abu some freedom, since everytime i play and their is a cheater hes always ready to go in.

best regards 

papa bless/tofty

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GoG |ShadoWPrime-only Einstellung ist nun aktiviert auf alle CS:GO server.
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hello and thank your for creating this thread,

i can understand your concerns and you are not alone with it.
i am also for a prime only server. i know the struggle our admins have but i can´t do much, because it all lays in our owners hands. but if more people like you or revolution open their mouths, we maybe can change something.

here is the thread from revolution:

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