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@Valeur LOL
Anyway, interesting that you choose to not even answer to my post. Probably because I haven't said anything wrong.
But let's get to the point. You admitted to saying what LooM accuses you of saying. What are we even bothering for? There is simply no need to argue about anything else, which isn't about the accusation of Admin Abuse and the Mute.

Consider yourself warned for everything mentioned in this Thread though has it has been brought up. Refrain from anything that is against the rules and no one will mute you or whatever. 

It might sound harsh but you are definitely not worth the trouble for me to answer in a forum thread after such a fucking ridiculous complaint. Could have asked nicely about having the mute removed or for what reason it was given instead of handing out wild accusations. 

Close this unnecessary thread and behave yourself according to the rules.

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