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dunno why, but i just cant stop laughing about this post.  i literally dont know why you still accept this person to shittalk about so many people.
Katt ツ"I never had anything against other girls on the server"
THIS is just the best joke i have ever read.

i got many and long breaks in playing csgo but from time to time i get back to it just to play some AWP only. So i was like one f****g day on this server when Katt joined and kind a like instantly shittalked me. Like i never read that name before nor did i say anything on the server. but it gets better. as she knew i joined with a mate she started shittalking him. Like WTF?

i mean idgf but few days later people told me you did that even when i wasnt on the server. or talked about me in private chat with other people and i saw screens about that. i dont know who you are. i dont know the people you talked with about me. but something is definitely wrong with this girl ^^

i mean there is one thing you can acutally do pretty well and its shittalking ppl but acting innocent afterwards or even playing the victim.

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