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As ive told some of u before LooM and Shard are always idiots to me when they join the awp server and im there.
I was playing and having fun, I actually rarely play on the awp server anymore. LooM joined the server and as always 
he started talking about me on the server. I didnt do anything. Then this guy typed to me in text chat on the server:
//BADGAMER//: katt say yomethik..... I said Hurensohn, and then LooM said to ppl, yeah she dont even know what it
means, the thing is that i do understand what it means cuz i actually understand some german. LooM kept talkingh and 
Shard joined and they talked together about me and about me in german, the thing is that I understood what they said and they
were trashtalking me on the server loud so everyone could hear, then they decided to mute me, I wasent even talking to
them. I answered that guy who typed me, cuz that word he wanted me to say was not even a better word. It was not LooM
or Shard. Im so tired of all this ands if ppl have someting personal against me they can come to me or leave me alone. But
after I got muted they said: Yeah she only got axept and Lepi on her side of the admins, every other admin hates her.
What is going on? is it okay to admin abuse and talk that way when ur an admin in GoG? I really want to know!!!
I just want all this to stop and be able to play and have fun with out an admin talking shit about me for no reason.
I have nothing against any admins. 

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