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Hello dear GOG staff, I've been playing CSS since the end of 2020, and I have always loved the GOG server not only because of the community, because of the server itself. I'm not the best player in the game, but I have always been legit in counterstrike source and haven't cheated because I wanted to play the game with my friends, but today I connected on the server and wanted to try bhopping with my mouse wheel while 2 players were on the server and when I wanted to flick shoot my enemy whilst in air I instantly got banned. I looked on the ban site of GOG and saw that I got banned from the Anti Cheat. I want to know what I did wrong, and I would appreciate an unban.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60952248
Banngrund: SMAC Eye Angles Violation
SourceBan Link:

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