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Jonesthe player, Taucher@vernaschtMilfsamHerd!, is talking about, that you used his steam-profile picture as a spray, with insults. if this is true you also receive a ban.

@malmonar, you were at the server? can you proof this?

pls use our template next time.
with a working steam-id checking things out is a lot easier.
also the player Taucher@vernaschtMilfsamHerd! received a one week ban for voteban abuse and insults.
i will check out the other players later or you just send me the steam-id´s
Hi guys,

I have somehow overlooked this thread. Unfortunately, I cannot proof it since I have not taken a screenshot. But yes, he has used Taucher's profile pic with some russian/Kyrill words written all over it. I have warned twice to change the spray immediatly and to switch to German or English only for all communications on our servers. Additionally, I have told everyone that I will not tolerate the use of other peoples pictures on our servers.

I have not banned him as the players asked and also told everyone to not abuse the voteban system. Unfortunately, this situation has not been solved this way - it felt quite tricky, even though abusing other peoples personality rights / picture rights weighs harder than a voteban abuse in my eyes.

Please let me know your thoughts for future cases like this. I will leave this thread open for 48 hours.

Kind regards

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