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i give you an example:

we have player A and player B

both are from germany. they are playing on YOUR server. you set the rule that only russian is allowed in the chat and voice.

player A and player B are now chatting together in their mother language. to make things a lot harder for you they are also writting in bavarian dialekt:


The Example:

player A: he du, schau da moi den deppen da a. der admin von dene is so dermaßen scheiße, des ka man kaum glaum
player B: ja, a richtiga voidepp. mi wunderts das der überhaupt irgendwos aufd reih kriagt
player A: a typischer russ hoid. zdumm zum scheißen


have fun translating what i wrote. and this is the reason we only allow english or german on our servers. even if you are chatting/talking only to one person, we can´t understand you. you could write/say the most toxic bullshit over someone from the server and we aren´t able to translate that.

if you want to talk or chat with your friend in privat, then please use the steam chat, teamspeak, discord, skype, whatever but not on our server. these are our rules.

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